I am a holistic psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and as your guide, I invite you to go on a journey to find your true Self.

I offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy by combining traditional and alternative practices to promote the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of my clients. Some of the alternative specialities I use in my therapy practice include: hypnotherapy, regression therapy, past life regression, and meditation.

In an environment of safety, confidentiality and a deep honoring of each individual and belief systems, I support the achievement of your personal goals and inner development. Through the process of treatment, I am committed to facilitating your journey towards a life of joy, love and fulfillment.

I have come to look at the process of psychotherapy as a hero’s journey, with the client being the hero and the therapist being a guide on their path. The hero embarks on a journey to enter the abyss of the unconscious, to go through certain challenges and to explore the unrealized dormant potential of the higher self.

In the beginning stages of therapy, you may need to reconcile certain conflicts and wounds of the past and to gain insight into behaviors and formed beliefs. After this process, you can embark on the next phase of the journey—that of healing and regeneration leading to the expression of your true self. You will then realize and manifest your personal vision and achieve a deep transformation, expanded awareness and inner freedom.