Guided Imagery

Guided imagery involves a technique of using visualization, symbolism and metaphors or role-playing, where the subconscious mind can communicate with the conscious mind. Many individuals use this practice in “rehearsing” an event by imagining it occurring successfully and with ease, such as athletes envisioning winning a game, before they go out to play. This technique has wide applications, such as helping reduce anxiety in stressful situations, creating an image of the goals of the future, or desired outcomes for life directions. Guided imagery can be used to envision desired health or weight, work and career success or finding the right relationships and love.

It is believed that all future occurrences or desired life changes, first happen in the mental images of the mind. When we envision a desired outcome, we can create it. Just like all physical manifestations in life, like business ideas, inventions, and decisions first come to us through our imagination or vision. Guided imagery helps in the process of creating our lives to reflect all that we desire and hope for ourselves with the help of our creative imagination.