Holistic psychotherapy combines traditional western psychology with eastern philosophies and views an individual in a holistic way – body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

This type of psychotherapeutic approach moves beyond healing past wounds and making changes in the external reality of our lives. Its goal is to remove inner blocks of the ego-mind and uncover the rich inner world of the transpersonal self, which is the source of all healing and transformations. The transpersonal self is called by many names in different cultures and disciplines. Some call it the higher self, the divine essence,  the inner dweller, the objective observer, or the soul as it points to the transcendent possibilities within man. Holistic psychotherapy combines self-inquiry, support and healing with alternative practices such as hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, dream analysis, study of mystical experiences and spiritual development.  This type of therapy, hopes to uncover, cultivate and develop an inner state of conscious awareness and  harness its wisdom, empowerment and freedom.

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