Meditation is simply a way to slow down ones thoughts and relax deeply. Meditation is a way to stop our incessant mind chatter that allows us to settle into a physical and mental relaxation. When meditating, we train ourselves to let the thoughts come and go without getting attached to them, until we fall into the abyss of thoughtlessness and inner peace. Thoughts are like waves in the ocean. You cannot hold on to the waves and converse with them. Once you cease to resist the rhythm of the waves they will calm down. The calmer the waters the deeper within you can see. There are so many treasures within your own depths!

Meditation also allows for feelings of anxiety or stress to melt away replacing it by feelings of calm and clarity. In a meditative state we can see and experience our real selves and often finds answers to life questions that have been plaguing us. It is a pathway to self-awareness and faith where understanding and acceptance for oneself and others is born.

I train my clients in developing and utilizing meditation as a way to improve their quality of life and access the treasures of their inner being.