Past Life Regression: Journeys of the Soul


Sometimes when we day dream or meditate, we may get flashes of another time and place which seems strangely familiar and real to us.  Is it possible, these flashes are memories of our past self, in another lifetime? The belief in past lives has been documented in the contemplations of many well known authors and philosophers. It is not merely a religious or spiritual question, it is a question of every human being that is seeking a connection to something higher. This soul searching contemplation often translates into a a feeling that this body is merely a vehicle that is lent to us temporarily as we journey to our next destination. Many of us have come to a belief that our most sacred inner being, our soul or our higher consciousness has survived physical death. A part of us is eternal. Jack London describes this knowing beautifully. He wrote, ”I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me. Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born.” Similarly Herman Hesse who wrote the novel Siddharta came to this same realization …”He saw all these forms and faces in a thousand relationships become newly born. Each one was mortal, a passionate, painful example of all that is transitory. Yet none of them died, they only changed, were always reborn, continually had a new face: only time stood between one face and another.”

In modern times, we  have the possibility to explore our own past lives by finding someone who can guide us through a past life recall experience. Past Life Regression Therapy is now a tool for helping us find solution, healing and understanding of our current lives through the backdrop of past life experiences. Past life Regression therapy was first popularized by Dr. Brian Weiss who stood a lone warrior in the field of mental health introducing past life exploration into the therapy practices of professionals and patients alike. Past life regression therapy is a type of hypnotherapy that works with the client’s subconscious or some call it the superconscious.  The superconscious is believed to be the memory bank of the soul’s journey and experiences through lifetimes. Past life recall allows for a client to enter this inner world and access the experiences of past incarnations. This works for people who are aligned with the belief that we have a soul and that the soul itself holds the information to some of our current life struggles. This type of alternative therapy works for clients who are looking to find answers to mysterious ailments or irrational fears or seeking to understand how their past life experiences may be imprinting on current relationship issues or career directions.

There are some universal beliefs or laws that we can observe in our lives. One of such laws is called the law of recurrence. The law of recurrence states that we will repeat conditions, situations, relationships and challenges until we learn, transform and graduate from this level of development and move on to the next one with new understanding and being.  Past life therapy can help break the law of recurrence in one’s life, or over lifetimes and move towards the next level of personal and spiritual evolution.

Past life regression therapy can assist an individual in integrating the many facets of who they are, to understand impulses, inclinations and talents, to deepen current relationships and experience a deep connection to the soul. As an added benefit, many individuals who experience past life therapy, have shared that it helped them process existential or spiritual questions, that it decreased or eliminated their fears of death and helped them reconnect to a higher life purpose.