Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy was brought into the field of psychology and psycho-therapeutic treatment by Dr. Roger Woolger in the 1980’s . In the past 20 years it gained a wider audience as a result of the popular book Many Lives Many Masters written by Dr. Brian Weiss who continues to train therapists in past life regression techniques. It is a type of regression therapy that works with the super conscious,  which is believed to be the memory bank of the soul. Past life recall allows for a client to enter the realm of the super conscious to access the experiences of past incarnations. This works for people who are aligned with the belief that we have a soul and that the soul itself holds the information to some of our current life struggles. This type of alternative technique works for clients who are looking to find answers to mysterious ailments or irrational fears or seeking to understand how their past life experiences may be imprinting on current relationship issues or career directions. The Law of Recurrence states that we will repeat conditions, situations, relationships and challenges until we learn, transform and graduate from this level of understanding to the next one. Past life therapy can help you break the law of recurrence in your life, or over lifetimes and move towards your next level of personal and spiritual evolution.

Past regression therapy can assist you in integrating the many facets of who you are, to understand your impulses, inclinations and talents, to deepen your current relationships and experience a deep connection to your soul. As an added benefit, many individuals who experience past life therapy, have shared that it helped them process existential or spiritual questions, that it decreased or eliminated their fears of death and helped them reconnect to a higher life purpose.