“Back in time, a past life where I was a 17 years old, a young woman, and I had a 5 year old brother. (This brother is the man I need to leave in my current life) I am there for ‘many years’ constantly holding his hand, I cannot let him go. I cannot because I feel that he ‘needs’ me, he cannot ‘survive’ without me, I don’t want to see him suffering, I don’t want to see that glance that brings with it so much sadness. I can suffer and sacrifice myself for many years thinking I am protecting him.

“I am directed to realize, to feel that it is now the right time to move on, time to grow farther for me and for him.

“I cry ... it is very hard to ‘get free’ from this bond. I got used to this for 27 years, what can I do? How can I let go? Where can I find the strength to leave that hand? I cry ... the heart is ‘suffering’, I feel a deep pain.

“I am ready now.  Kneeling next to my little brother, I take the courage to leave his hand, he looks at me and I caress his face. Yes, he doesn’t need me anymore, he has his own guides, his own angels.... I can let him go. He looks at me and understands.

“I want to cry and instead I take in a deeper breath, I take courage and I am ready to see him leaving, taking his own path without me. I see him walking now, I see his back and two guides, two angels are holding his hands. The color that I see around him is red, brownish.

“After a few minutes my soul speaks with his soul, his soul is free now and I see light. Like a picture I see his face smiling and assuring me that it he is going to be OK. I am directed to feel the ‘cords’ that connect me with him. The first one is very deep and painful and it is in the heart, then I feel one at the level of the third eye, one at the level of the throat and another one at the level of the solar plexus.

“I am directed to cut them. The one that is very hard to remove is that one at the heart level. Intense effort and work is needed. I feel that from the heart is coming out a trunk, a big tree. The roots are deep, they go deep inside my body, I can feel that each one of them is identified with pains, in my back, in my legs, my neck, along my spine. I need to extricate them. I am using all my strength to eradicate that tree. During all these years it became very big and the roots are very strong and deep. Finally I can remove it, yet many scars and incisions are all over my abdomen. I need help to heel them, to bring light there. It is not an easy process, yet it is happening.

“Now we are ready to invite the Archangel Michael. He is here with all his power and beauty, in all his Light. I ask him to give me ‘something’ that I need ... he gives me a shield, a big and strong shield that I can use to protect my heart each time I find myself in a challenging situation, each time I am challenged from the power, from that glance that often takes me to a state of fear. I feel I am possessing now the right tool, I will use it each time I need to protect my heart, my inner world. I can see now that a lot of yellow light is coming out from my heart as the shield is protecting it. Later the Archangel Michael is embracing me and our hearts are ‘united’, his Light and Love nourishes my heart and soul. I am renewed.

“I am here now ready to start a new Path. I am at the same crossroad that I reached many times, for many years, yet now I am guided to take a road that is not the same one that I constantly took in the past.

I am here now and the present calls for a ‘bigger’ Work. I need to use the energies in a proper way, to serve the Highest, to serve the Light, together with many of my ‘Friends.’”