“This past week I took a chance on a method of therapy I had never tried before. I had read about Past Life Regression Therapy. I was never sure if I believed that things like Hypnosis and guided regression could help solve personal problems, or could aid a person in bringing clarity and a sense of peace about whom he/she was, is, and will be. I hoped it would  have a positive effect, especially since I, like many of us, am currently dealing with difficult changes and disruptions in my life. I resisted the urge to go through with a session like this before, only to change my mind when the timing felt right.

“This week I put myself in the gentle and capable hands of my fellow professional holistic practitioner, Fayina Cohen, and found my opinion of Certified Hypnotherapy,  my opinion of myself, and my belief in the cycles of karma changed forever.

“The scientific mind always admits when there is a possibility that it could be wrong, and so I made sure not to put all of my eggs in one basket concerning, "past lives", and my ability to access them. Until now the only personal, ‘proof’ I ever had as to whether or not we actually live many earthly lives was a feeling of familiarity upon meeting certain people. I felt that sort of familiarity when I first met Fayina, in fact. So with a whole bunch of anxiety and some trepidation, I arrived for my ninety minute session.

“So I knew what I needed to tackle that day: why am I so detached and cold? Why am I so afraid I will abandon the people I love, as I have done once or twice in this life? Why do I fear I will abandon people I love again? Why do I have a sense that I need adventure and can not stay in one place for very long? Why can't I open up to those I love and show emotion? Why do I feel so lonely, even in the presence of others? Why do I become so unexplainably angry? Why do I have so much trouble feeling confident and capable in my role as a mother? Why do I have this irrational fear that I might lose my daughter? Why do I seek to serve people by healing them, even when they clearly do not want to be healed, and at the expense of my own energy and emotional well being?

“She started by giving me the choice picking specific issues that I would like to tackle during the session, or letting myself go, "under" and allow whatever wanted to come up, to come up.

“The actual regression began with what felt like a guided meditation, until I realized it was much more than that. I don't know if it was my willingness or Fayina's soothing voice that made my body feel heavy and my mind become clear, but I knew I was entering a state of being that was different from any I had tried to access in the past. For a person like me who always feels and senses the things that cannot be seen with human eyes, that's pretty deep.

“I descended a winding staircase and chose one of three doors in front of me. The one straight ahead seemed like a good way to go. I found myself in a beautiful place, and then in the presence of a guide who wanted me to travel upward through what looked like the inside of a tornado. I did it, reluctantly, and found myself floating in space. I was not alone, however...Ben Franklin was sitting at a table, writing, and adjusting his spectacles in front of me.

“I next found myself on a beach, shucking clams. The Revolutionary war had begun and the British were on their way. I knew I was south of New York City, somewhere between NYC and Florida. I was a nurse, an older woman, helping our, "boys"...MY boys, prepare our ships for battle. We were surprised by an attack, and I was hit by cannon fire. I could only see darkness as I felt my body being dragged. I tried to move, I tried to speak, but I couldn't.

“Then I saw a church ceiling with glass windows above me. I knew my skin on my right side was burned away, and I sensed the presence of every dead body from that battle lying beside me on the floor of the only place where our bodies could be buried. The loneliness of that moment was unbearable; And this is when I became angry. I wanted to help in the war. I wanted to see our country defeat the British. And I wanted to - I was OBLIGATED to - help my boys...the patriots with whom I prepared our war boats on the ocean near the beach. The depressed and sad face of a patriot appeared above me but only to place the tarp over my body, and then I would be left behind.

“Fayina took me back further in that same lifetime to find out why I felt so strongly about saving and nursing and helping those boys, and I was suddenly standing on a mat at my front door of my home. I was younger, without cares, and I was the mother of an adorable little boy who appeared in front of me. I was gently made aware, without having to relive the terrible ordeal, that my son had died of some sort of lung disease. It was then that I first went cold and abandoned everything I loved and needed, because I just didn't want to feel anymore. No attachments meant no pain and no opportunity for loss. So I went away, alone, to become a nurse, and ended up on that beach many years later where I would fail to fulfill the need to save my boys, MY boys, who had taken the place of my son in my own mind.

“I cried when I was under the hypnosis, and I am crying as I retell the story because the fears and pain still remain here in my psyche. The difference is now I am aware of these things and I feel free. Everything that was revealed in that session can explain why I have lived the way I have for so long, and all of those questions I came into the session with have been answered. I am especially relieved that the negative emotions I have experienced in this lifetime toward motherhood have been addressed. I did receive treatment for postpartum depression in this lifetime, after all.

“Now to the lighter elements of my story: I saw the faces of two guides near the end of the journey. I asked them where exactly this particular lifetime I was observing had taken place. I instructed Fayina to add to her notes that we would know where I lived that life by finding the flag with a rattlesnake on it. I vowed to look that one up when I got home.

“The feeling of complete success was with me as I reentered our world and returned to normal consciousness. I had been awake, speaking, and seeing pictures in my mind's eye. But it all felt so real, especially the emotions. I knew I had found the answers to so many questions I had about myself and why I handled things the way I have for so long. Now I knew I could let it all go, because all of these fears were rooted in and stemmed from the past. They no longer had to effect my present reality, and they are most likely not grave intuitions about my future. Great news!

“You might want to know what the rattlesnake meant, like I did: On my way home, at a stoplight, I thought about my extreme fondness for the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and reasoned that I must have spent that life in Virginia, the home of that great thinker and leader. At that moment I looked down to see a Virginia license plate on the car in front of me. A little more research later on the Internet unearthed the flag with the rattlesnake on it, first used by the Virginia minutemen at the start of the American Revolution who marched to the motto, ‘Don't Tread On Me.’ It is also true, according to many sources, that the same rattlesnake and motto were then used later by the first Continental Navy of our young country. I consider these facts alone to be convincing arguments that what I experienced during regression was not without merit. It doesn't hurt that all of this also explains why I was a political science major before I switched to nursing, that I am a political junkie, that I am still a patriot, and that I tend to be overly passionate about a causes I deem worthy.

“I am not, nor have I ever been, a very good at meditation. Fayina Cohen's ability to sooth and guide me during my regression was beyond anything I could ever expect to achieve on my own. Her approach and demeanor are perfect for beginners and experienced clients alike. In my opinion, she is a natural healer.”

—Vanessa Calderon, Registered Nurse